Introducing The FASTEST and EASIEST Method For Learning the Powerful Tools of Neuro-Linguistic Programming:

“Learn NLP In 7 Days Or Less Without Leaving The Comfort Of Your Home Or Office… GUARANTEED

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Dear Friend,

Are you ready to get an insider’s look into the most profound techniques for personal achievement ever created?

Right now countless people are achieving success beyond their wildest dreams because they are able to capitalize on the opportunities around them.

But that is not the case for many people. For many, the constant “doom and gloom” of the media hypnotizes them into believing there is no hope for personal growth.

And let’s face it- there are some pretty big obstacles out in the world right now.

Large financial institutions have collapsed, home foreclosures have skyrocketed and the word “depression” is being used to describe the state of the economy and, unfortunately, the state of many people’s lives.

But here’s the good news…

Right now there are many people just like you making the choice to focus on the abundance of opportunities in front of them and reach new levels of success.

And that’s because right now is the absolute best time to…

Take Complete Control Of Your Life And Empower Yourself With The Method Of Top Achievers

We all know that the most successful people in the world continually strive to empower themselves. And as you sit there and look into your computer screen it is incredible to imagine the resources in front of you in this “Information Age.”

So what would it be like if you could model some of the most successful people in the world and “download” that information into your brain to use at any time?

By learning NLP and understanding the method of top achievers you are able to:

  • Quickly and Easily Motivate Yourself and Others For Success
  • Transform Your Body to its Peak Condition
  • Influence Anyone to Follow Your Lead
  • Communicate Effectively With Clients and Colleagues
  • Become an Expert Negotiator and Get What You Want
  • Attract Vibrant Relationships With Ease
  • Make Buyers Beg You to Sell Them Your Product

Neuro-linguistic programming takes the guesswork out of personal development by modeling some of the most successful people of all time.

I’m sure you have heard some of the stories about people using NLP to quickly enhance their lives. And, just as important, enhance the lives of people around them.

Just take a quick look at what other people just like you are saying about this incredible course:

“…This Program Is Far And Away The Best…”

“I have a great deal of NLP material, including other audio programs, but this program is far and away the best for clearly introducing material at the practitioner level. Very well presented and professional.”

-Scott Byiers

Winnipeg, MB

Sair Centre of Learning

“Learning NLP At Home Inspires You To Achieve Excellence”


Learning NLP at Home inspires you to achieve excellence!

I am currently searching excellence and this process will become a lifelong goal! I am excited to use these techniques, strategies, and systems to achieve my outcomes in life!

Investing in this product and utilizing this program, with an open state of mind, will work wonders! NLP is riveting, interesting, and fascinating! Thanks Tim!”

-Matthew H.


And now you have the rare opportunity to get an up close and personal look at these life-enhancing techniques.

And once you’re on the inside, you will see just how easy it will be for you to capture wealth, health, power, respect, and happiness, everything you want… FASTER than most truly successful people could ever previously have imagined possible.

How is that so?

Because after modeling these successful people we now have a step-by-step formula that anyone can follow.

NLP Is Like A Roadmap That You Follow To Easily Program Yourself & Others For Excellence

You see… before now this information has only been available to people who signed up for seminars that often cost up to $3,000-$4,000 per seat (which doesn’t include travel and hotel expenses).

In fact, if you couldn’t make it to a seminar and you wanted to go through the personalized coaching like you will find in this audio program then you would still have to pay upwards of $200-$300 per hour for a top NLP trainer to assist you.

When you apply information from this program to your life I know you will find it to be incredibly valuable.

And that is why I have made this NLP course available to you so that you can still get the same life-enhancing benefit even if you don’t want to spend $3,000 on a live training.

Here’s a complete breakdown of this amazing course so you can see the immense value you’re getting…

Session 1

“Empower Your Life With NLP”

You will begin by discovering…

  • The “Big Picture” of NLP and how you can use it to empower your life
  • How your unconscious mind determines the choices that you make and how to easily “program” your mind for ultimate success
  • The one simple key to creating a compelling future (hint: toddlers know this instinctively yet people seem to forget it as they get older)
  • Your unconscious “filters” (and how to quickly change your “Internal Point of View” to control the suggestions you give to your unconscious mind)
  • Why our brains delete 99% of the information that comes into our awareness and how to BENEFIT from this to be an unstoppable success
  • The role your internal mindset plays with your physical health (if you find yourself getting sick a lot then you must listen to this!)
  • A simple secret hypnotists use to make sure their clients are ready to be hypnotized (this works even if they tell you they can’t be hypnotized)
  • The simple trick that NLP masters know to make every NLP technique work even better
  • How to adopt a powerful mindset about money that will lead to a life of financial abundance (and why the opposite mindset will stop the flow of money into your life!)

Session 2

“How To Set Powerful Goals”

You Will Learn…

  • How to set irresistible goals that produce the kind of results you want
  • The simple secret that will enable you to instantly change your physical state (professional athletes use this all the time to keep them on top of their game)
  • How you can coach others to create excellent behavior by making two little “tweaks” to their internal mind
  • Why eliminating negative “self talk” is often not enough to combat success sabotage (and the simple tricks to make sure you stop preventing your success)
  • The history of NLP and how you can use the tools of top achievers in your everyday life
  • How the techniques of NLP were developed and why they can be applied perfectly for coaching, family therapy, sales, rapport, hypnosis, creativity and more…
  • Use the language of the mind to consistently get your desired outcomes
  • The 5 principles for success – how you can be certain that you produce the behaviors and results that you want
  • Setting an intention for your goal (this is the common reason why the majority of people never reach their goals or resolutions)
  • One simple tweak to your physiology that will have massive results for achieving your goals
  • The 9 keys to an achievable outcome – a simple roadmap to follow so you can lead yourself and others to excellence
  • 3 Goal-killers you must avoid to be successful
  • The secret top professionals use to make their business goals irresistibly powerful (it only takes a few seconds yet it is often the difference between those who dream about having money and those who attract it effortlessly)

Session 3

“NLP Rules To Live By”

You Will Learn…

  • To “filter your reality” in an empowering way by adopting a set of useful assumptions
  • The most important belief you must have when coaching clients or using NLP with others (This will instantly transform your “inner game” and enhance your results with using NLP)
  • Use NLP to have more friends, be liked by more people and attract vibrant relationships on demand!
  • Sage, timeless advice from Yoda… and how it applies to NLP
  • How to quiet that negative voice in the back of your head that keeps you from getting what you want
  • An absolutely vital tip if you are working with someone who has a “learning disorder” (or if you have been LIED to into believing you have one yourself)
  • How to accomplish remarkable goals by adopting the same mindset as Thomas Edison
  • Why most relationships flounder because of poor communication (and what you need to know to stop being a victim)
  • Why the subconscious mind is the key to becoming a master of influence
  • 3 Simple insights that will help you to stop back pain, become healthier and have more energy (and how to program your body to do it while you sleep)
  • “Negative Commands” and how you can use them to persuade almost anyone (they are so covert they will almost always fly “under the radar”)

Session 4

“How To Create Rapid Rapport”

You Will Learn…

  • The secrets of Rapid Rapport (use these tips and you will have the help from complete strangers wherever you go)
  • What Secret Service agents use to know if someone is lying (and how you can become a human lie detector over night)
  • Simple tip offs that will let you know if the person you are talking to is open for influential suggestions
  • “Uptime Trance” and how to use it to tell how well your communication is being received by the other person
  • The 5 “Calibration Cues” to look for when talking to someone so that you can evaluate their behavior effectively
  • Body Language and why the majority of “experts” are wrong (and what you can do to avoid common body language mistakes)
  • How to communicate directly to someone’s subconscious without saying a word
  • Avoid this Rapport Mistake – what most “newbies” do that will annoy people and completely backfire on your intention to be more persuasive
  • Rapport Secret #1 – This is a goldmine for anyone in sales (your prospects will instantly feel like they have known you forever!)
  • Rapport Secret #2 – Synchronize your breathing with individuals or large groups of people to create massive rapport (3 tips on how to make this automatic)
  • Rapport Secret #3 – How to build rapport over the phone (3 simple techniques you need to know)
  • Rapport Secret #4 – 4 signs to watch for to know for certain that you have built enough rapport with someone
  • Rapport Secret #5 – The one situation where you should never gain rapport with someone
  • BONUS: A simple questionnaire to determine how you communicate and learn!

Session 5

“Representational Systems”

You Will Learn…

  • How you learn the best (do you learn better by sight, sound or feeling? Michael walks you through a simple process so you know for certain)
  • Specific words to use with specific people to be incredibly persuasive
  • 4 powerful sales scripts to use depending on the type of person you are selling to
  • “Slow Talkers” – connect with this type of communicator effectively by knowing this one technique
  • “Fast Talkers” – (know what is going on inside their head and how to paint vivid pictures in their mind that they can’t refuse)
  • The power word “Cheat Sheet” – a simple breakdown of words you should know to be more effective (most people are only speaking effectively to ¼ of people)
  • “Intonation Patterns” – learn the most powerful pattern for persuasive speech (top sales people do this instinctively and it only takes seconds to learn)
  • “Eye Patterns” – Know how someone is thinking just by watching how they move their eyes
  • The one test that you need to know to make sure you are using the power of eye patterns effectively

Session 6

“Creating Change With Submodalities”

You Will Learn…

  • How to become totally motivated no matter what state you’re presently in (this simple technique makes becoming motivated as easy as turning the knobs on the radio)
  • Isolate the triggers that can instantly make you or your clients motivated (do this one thing and watch your company’s productivity soar)
  • Make problems disappear by changing the way you code them in your mind (imagine being able to hit the “delete” key on all your negative states)
  • The simple trick that will give you an instant boost of motivation, happiness or energy
  • Knock down mental barriers to wealth (reach financial goals that you never thought possible before with this simple technique)
  • “Swish Patterns” and how to use this simple process to eliminate bad habits and create momentum for a compelling future
  • End negative patterns and how to open up new pathways for your life
  • “Like-to-Dislike” – The script to give up a diet-killing foods in less than 5 minutes
  • “Dissociative Technique” – use it to mediate conflicts and achieve swift resolutions (this is a must if you are a parent, coach or manager)

Session 7

“The Powerful Use Of Language”

You Will Learn…

  • The NLP use of language and how to communicate effectively to get what you want
  • Stop “Autopilot Communication” – learn the power behind persuasive speech
  • Control any conversation with NLP language patterns
  • “The Agreement Frame” and two common phrases you must avoid or risk alienating the person you are speaking to
  • “The Purpose Frame” – use this phrase to stop wasting time and get down to business fast and effectively
  • “The What-If Frame” – A simple structure that opens up opportunities and turns objections into sales
  • Master the art of suggestion with this one simple trick
  • Deliver your suggestions directly to someone’s subconscious mind (and bypass resistance) by using these 9 patterns
  • “Double Binds” and how to give the allusion of choice while getting your prospects to do what you want
  • “The Hierarchy of Ideas” – Use this powerful technique to negotiate effortlessly and reach agreement with anyone
  • How to think like a CEO (why they make more money, work less and how you can too)
  • How to avoid overwhelm and get more done in less time

Session 8

“Conversational Hypnosis Language Patterns”

You Will Learn…

  • “Conversational Hypnosis” and how to use it for powerful and covert persuasion
  • “Utilitarian Hypnosis” and how to use it for maximum influence (These simple tricks will make your un-sold prospects to do a complete 180)
  • 19 language patterns used by the world’s best hypnotist (these covert patterns are perfect business and relationships)
  • WARNING: How the media and politicians routinely use hypnosis to make you follow their lead
  • The “Deep Structure” of communication – help others overcome mental barriers and create magical change with a simple set of questions
  • Massive communication problems cause by “Distortions, Deletions & Generalizations” and how to save your relationships

Session 9

“State Elicitation & Anchoring”

You Will Learn…

  • Elicit powerful states instantly using “Anchoring”
  • “Collapse Anchoring” and how to eliminate negative or “stuck” states
  • Eliminate stage fright (these are the secrets that professional speakers use to confidently speak to huge groups of people)
  • The 5 keys to anchoring you must know (use these steps to make the anchors you set elicit powerful, vivid emotions quickly and easily)
  • How to anchor your coaching clients for maximum effectiveness
  • “Chaining Anchors” – “Rewire” your brain and stop procrastination and quickly get out of stuck states neurologically
  • “Physiology of Excellence” – be in control of your state no matter what is going on around you

Session 10

“Mastering Strategies”

You Will Learn…

  • “Strategies” – uncover the subconscious “programs” that people run subconsciously
  • The “Buying Strategy” – learn this tick that will make your products irresistible to your prospects
  • The “Deep Love Strategy” – learn the specific steps someone takes to fall in love (Warning- this is powerfully effective- use with caution!)
  • Sex, motivation and creativity strategies and more (learn the questions to elicit any strategy within in minutes)
  • “Negative Looping” and how to prevent this common source of unwanted behavior
  • The “T.O.T.E Model” for effective strategies

Session 11

“Rapid Reframing”

You Will Learn…

  • Make problems and objections disappear using “Reframing”
  • A tested and proven method for eliminating the two biggest sales objections
  • “Limiting Beliefs” and how you can lead those around you to a more empowering future
  • The “Context & Content Reframes” – Become powerfully influential with these two NLP patterns
  • “Parts” and how they are the source of conflict in people’s lives
  • Live your life positively by following this simple strategy

Session 12

“Phobia Destroyer & Parts Integration”

You Will Learn…

  • “Parts Integration” – How you can use this incredible technique to identify and eliminate conflict in your life
  • The 9 steps to follow for a successful and empowering parts integration
  • Fulfill your highest intention and purpose (stop getting in your own way with this NLP technique)
  • The one question you must ask your client before starting a parts integration (use this so you know you are tackling the real issue)
  • Program your subconscious mind by using metaphors
  • The “5 Minute Phobia Cure” – learn the secrets NLP masters use to end a life-long phobia in minutes

Session 13

“Hypnotic Induction”

In this session you will learn…

  • How to integrate all the information from the Learn NLP At Home program
  • How to attract strong, empowering relationships
  • How to achieve total bliss and live the life of your dreams
  • Inspires you to take action and find your true fulfillment
  • To have a healthy, happy body
  • To recall all the information you learned easily

Session 14

“The NLP Model Of Therapy”

You Will Learn…

  • The NLP Model of therapy
  • Integrate this powerful information together and use it in your everyday life
  • How to use NLP and work with clients and colleagues
  • To create success in your life (now matter what your purpose)
  • The easiest method for mastering these NLP techniques (you will soon be integrating this knowledge in your life effortlessly!)
  • How to feel confident and knowledgeable about using your new NLP skills (with clients, in business, relationships and for your own personal development)

With the Learn NLP At Home Course these skills will soon become a natural part of who you are and what you do every day.

You’ll become a persuasive and effective communicator and begin to attract success in your life like you never thought possible.

One of the most important things I have learned in my journey through personal development is that eventually you have to stop arguing for your limitations.

Now Is The Time To Finally Do What You Want, Have What You Want & Be Who You Want

This program is designed to loosen up the mental barriers you have in your life that are preventing you from achieving the success that you want.

So I know you are thinking, if NLP workshops are usually several thousand dollars…

“How much is the Learn NLP At Home Program going to cost me?”

So heres the low down…

When Master NLP Trainer Michael Stevenson recorded this program he only intended it to get in the hands of his highest-paying clients.

This course should at the very minimum cost $600 – after all that’s less than 25% of what his tuition normally costs.

And that would be more than fair.

But I’ve haggled and haggled with him to reduce it further to make this available to more people during its initial launch.

And I’ve secured a very temporary discount of $453.

So right now your investment in yourself is just $147.

You couldn’t even get a one-hour phone consultation with a top NLP instructor for that price.

So why I am I able to offer this program at all?

Because I was so passionate about getting this program in front of as many people as possible that I begged Michael to let me package the product like it is now and offer it to you at a deeply discounted price.

Finally I was able to convince him to at least let me give it a test run for a limited time. With the condition that if it didn’t work…

He Would Take The Course Off The Market FOREVER And Simply Charge 10-15X The Amount For His Live Seminars & Coaching

Since you are reading this then that means it is still available to you and you can take advantage of this special offer.

This my friend is the bargain of a lifetime if you are finally ready to follow the method of top achievers and attract more wealth, health and happiness in your life right now.

And to make things even better, your investment in this program is completely risk free because your investment is 100% guaranteed…

60 Day Iron-Clad 100%
Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Your success is important to me…
If you aren’t 100% happy just let me know within 60 days…
And we will promtly refund all your money.
No questions, no hassles – it’s that simple!

Tim Tarango

And to make the decision to order this course even easier for you, I’ve put together some very special limited-time bonuses. And I’m GIVING THEM AWAY to smart people who jump on this right away…

It doesn’t matter if you change your mind tomorrow, or 60 days from now, you still get to keep these bonus items!

New! Special Bonus Package Valued At Over $300

This is a LIMITED TIME BONUS package that we are currently offering during this special marketing test. This bonus package is only guaranteed if you try the Learn NLP At Home course TODAY.

Bonus #1: “7 Steps For Exceptional Coaching” Workbook
(PDF: $97 Value)

This workbook is the perfect companion to the Learn NLP At Home course and is a must for:

Coaches, Parents, Managers, Teachers, Parents… and I could go on…

The workbook is packed with useful information and details the coaching method overview, common pitfalls to avoid, and the process of “self-coaching.”

Bonus #2: “5 One-Minute Stress Busters”
(MP3: $67 Value)

In this hour long interview, I speak with Life Coach Nancy Lubin on five simple excercises that you can use to eliminate stress! And the best part? Each one takes less than ONE MINUTE to do! After listening to this interview you will never have to deal with stress overtaking your life and preventing you from getting what you truly want!

Bonus #3: “The Recipe For Happy Relationships”
(MP3: $67 Value)

Whether you have been married for decades or are fresh to the dating pool, you absolutely must listen to this incredible interview I did with realtionship and dating coach Ryan de Priest. In this hour-long interview you will learn…

  • How beliefs and values shape your relationships
  • 4 Simple steps to meeting new people
  • Self Esteem Vs. Self Confidence (and what you should really focus on)
  • How to get off the emotional rollercoaster
  • How to quickly build deep and lasting connections

Bonus #4: “NLP Sales Secrets: How To Overcome The 4 Profit-Killing Mistakes That Are Poisoning Your Business”

(PDF: $47 Value)

In this special report you will learn…

  • The #1 mistake new business owners make that keeps them overworked, unhappy and BROKE! (AVOID this mistake at all cost!)
  • 4 Simple NLP techniques you can use in your business to make more money in far less time
  • The #1 question to use in ANY sales situation (use this to build a connection with your client so they keep coming back to do business with you!)
  • The 6 Word Phrase That Gets Prospects Off “The Fence” and Transforms Them From “Just Browsing” To BUYING
  • How to “Connect The Dots” so you are able to charge more for your products and services (one client I worked with DOUBLED his prices overnight and generated EVEN MORE clients because of it!)

Bonus #5: The “Hypnotic Influence” Special Report
(PDF: $37 Value)

  • 9 Hypnotically influencial phrases
  • Make your customers happy and eager to buy from you
  • Are you sending the wrong message and pushing people away? (Make sure you avoid these common mistakes!)
  • Simple, easy-to-remember phrases that will have people going out of their way for YOU!

Bonus #6: The Success Library
(PDF E-Books: Priceless)

With the Success Library you will have instant access to some of the best books ever written in the field of personal development. Indluded are:

  • “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill
  • “The Science Of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles
  • “The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism” by Theron Q. Dumont

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Still not completely convinced that this course is a great investment? Read what some of our happy customers have said before you order your copy today…

“Great Value For The Money”

“Hi Tim,

What I really liked about your Learn NLP at Home program is the breadth of coverage of NLP principles and techniques.

I have received introductory NLP training before, and would like to do more advanced training in the future, but your course is wonderful in that it gives good clear coverage of NLP practitioner-level principles and tools at a fraction of the usual cost.

Since it is an audio program, it also allows the luxury of repeated listening to consolidate the learning. Great value for money.”

-Gopal Ramasammy-Cook

Cape Town, South Africa

“Your Programme Is Packed With All The Information At A Fraction Of The Cost”

“I am a counselor and therapist and have been interested in learning NLP for some time.

I recently ordered your Learn NLP at Home programme. What fantastic value for money!

NLP courses usually cost hundreds of pounds, plus travel and accommodation. Your programme is packed with all the information at a fraction of the cost and I am able to learn it all at a time to suit me and in the comfort of my home!

I am only half way through this excellent course but already it has enhanced my communication skills. Thank you so much for making this affordable programme.”

-Amanda W

Leeds, UK

This is an unbelievably exciting package… designed so you don’t risk a dime checking it out at your leisure.

The Learn NLP At Home program includes everything you need to know to master the tools in NLP

…in the shortest time possible.

You get the same instructional format that Michael uses for his hyper-expensive personal lessons and seminars… with the added advantage that you have it recorded…so that you can “rewind” and go over any part you like until it becomes second nature!

This entire exciting program is available for immediate download. So you’ll be able to access it immediately.

So all you need to do is click the button in the box below to request your risk-free trial invitation and very soon you will be yielding the power of NLP…

Yes! Tim, Please Give Me INSTANT ACCESS To The Entire Learn NLP At Home Course!

I understand I’ll be downloading the entire Learn NLP At Home Course for a tiny one-time investment of just $147 when I act now!

I also realize I have nothing left to lose, since you’re generous enough to offer me a 60-day money-back guarantee if I’m unsatisfied in any way.

Get It Here

Order with confidence on 100% secure servers.

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To Your Success!

Tim Tarango


Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer

Certified Trainer of Hypnotherapy

Certified TIME Techniques® Trainer

P.S. Remember, when you order today you will have instant access to all 14 audio sessions, the same 90+ page workbook used in high-cost NLP trainings, and all the bonuses for only 3 easy payments of just $57 (or a low one-time payment of $147).Click Here to Order Your Risk-Free Trial Today.

P.P.S. You can try the Learn NLP At Home Program completely risk-free with our “60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.” Try the course today and if for any reason (or no reason at all) you arent completely satisfied I will insist you take your money back. You have everything to gain. So Take Action and claim your copy of Learn NLP At Home today. Click Here to Order Your Risk-Free Trial Today.

“…You Provided Exactly What Was Missing From The Other Books and Programs”

“Hello Tim,

After taking time to read about the Learn NLP At Home program, I knew it was going to be a great tool. I wanted an MP3 course that I could take on the go and you provided exactly what was missing from the other books and programs.

I was particularly grateful for the sections on how to deal with nit-pickers. With this knowledge I am better equipped to turn resistance into assistance in these common sales situations!

Thanks for a wonderful and fast start to my NLP learning!”

-Gary W.

“In The Past I Fumbled Through Conversations, Now I Connect and Excel”

I have found the Learn NLP at Home course to be very useful from the very first day. [The Instructor] does such a good thorough job explaining and giving examples that it makes it so simple to use in my every day life.

I especially love the “or”! It is so great giving people the choice to do exactly what I want them to do!

This course has helped me build rapport quickly and easily with everyone I meet. This information is worth every penny!

In the past I fumbled through conversations, now I connect and excel. No matter what you do in life, this course is a must and nobody can afford miss out on this opportunity.

– Jim Hamilton

Grand Ledge, Michigan

Click Here To Order Your Risk-Free Trial Today

“I’m Using NLP Every Day Now To Gain Insight Into Myself and Others”

“Dear Tim,

The Rapid NLP program is fantastic. I’m using NLP every day now to gain insight into myself and others.

The subconscious mind presuppositions were very enlightening, and I am gaining insight into people by reading their gestures, eye patterns, etc..

Thanks for a great program!”

-Paul Nabors

Big Spring, Texas

“I Invested In The Learn NLP At Home Course and Have Been Using Some Techniques At Work With Great Results”

“Tim, I invested in the learn NLP at home course and have been using some techniques at work with great results.

I’m a hospitalist physician in Oregon and spend most of my time seeing people when they are most vulnerable and cautious. I have learned I have to build rapport with people in less then one minute. Patients have to trust me with their health and welfare without knowing me as a person or physician.

I have been using techniques learned in the course and found I can build rapport much quicker then I could previously. Thanks for getting this program available at home!”

-Mike Marvinny

Ashland, Oregon

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